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Chukar Partridge

The chukar partridge or chukar (Alectoris chukar) is a Eurasian upland game bird in the pheasant family. This partridge has well marked black and white bars on the flanks and a black band running from the forehead across the eye and running down the head to form a neckland that encloses a white throat.  The species has been introduced into many other places and feral populations have established themselves in parts of North America. 

While not natural to Virginia, the chukar is a preferred game bird to many of our clients.  Some of our clients prefer to begin training their dog with a chukar because of their natural tendency to squat and hold their position until flushing when they feel further threatened.  Others prefer its fast flying action and larger size as compared to the quail for the inexperienced marksman.

During hatching season, the day old chukar are placed in our brooding barn and given white light to prepare them for natural sunlight.   At 6-8 weeks, they are moved to outside covered pens where they are exposed to moisture through daily misting to activate their oil glands.  By 16-20 weeks, they are fully flight conditioned and weathered to meet your training and hunting needs.

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